Namaste to your body

Nutrición y bienestar para el
cuerpo y el planeta

At Fonte Baxa, we recognize the importance of taking care of ourselves and nourishing our bodies with healthy food and activities that make us feel good both physically and mentally. In essence, it is a reminder of the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and the importance of treating them with love and care.

In our brand, we don't just sell products, but behind it, there are people and projects committed to caring for the environment. We have carefully selected our suppliers in western Asturias, in search of products that reflect the richness and abundance of this unique land. We work with small local producers who make natural, healthy, and ecological products with great dedication and effort. We are proud to say that our selection represents the best of the best from this land, and we are delighted to offer our customers the satisfaction of caring for and respecting the environment. Namaste!

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