We are nature lovers and committed to the planet.

A life in balance with the planet.

Beltrán and Elena, a couple made up of a designer and a photographer, decided to change their lives in Madrid for the tranquility of Luarca, a small village on the western coast of Asturias, by the sea. Their love for nature, people, and the planet inspired them to create the Fonte Baxa project, with the idea of valuing the importance of connection with the Earth and the environment.

Fonte Baxa was born in the garden of the same name, an orchard of more than 15 hectares by the sea. From there, they decided to create a series of experiences that nourish the spirit and strengthen the body, accompanied by the search for organic products from local producers, thus supporting rural areas. They aim to return to the essence of human beings and their purest relationship with nature.

Our brand is inspired by the love of nature and connection with the Earth. We want to recover the knowledge of farmers, who wrote the landscape and taught us the importance of caring for and loving our environment. Through experiences, art, and knowledge, we seek to nourish the spirit and connect with our purest essence. At Fonte Baxa, we enjoy the simple things and find inner balance because we believe that living in harmony with nature is key to a full and meaningful life.

Meditating, exercising, reading, listening to music, doing something creative, connecting with nature, and practicing gratitude are some practices that will help you calm your mind, release stress, grow as a person, and feel more connected to the world.

Join us and immerse yourself in the FONTE BAXA universe.